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   Exo-acupuncture is a diagnose method which helps to point to the cause of diseases. In the programme 21252 (23x28x33) people can be examined and this can be varied through 3 different levels in the case of left-handed people. All in all the examination of 63756 type of people (according to the traditional Chinese medicine) can be found on the CD.
   Everybody was born with determined characteristics. Later on, they can change and develop accor-ding to their possibilities. A person’s ability of tolerating problems can be determined in numerical value on the level of action, emotion and intellect. Whenever we cross our limits, dis-eases can appear within the body. Extra energies are responsible for the development of acute diseases (acute diseases with high temperature, sweating, diarrhoea, vomiting).

 In this case organism defecate surplus. Chronic diseases appearing when organism is weak due to the lack of energy we got at the time of our birth. Our body cannot replace the necessity of energy without external help, more
-over these energy decreases during years.

This course helps students to face up to their own, instinctive reactions and stress which causes illnesses.
They will also get to know:
- where will acute and chronic dis-eases appear within the body
- how will weather circumstances affect our organism the appearance of greater challenges during our lifetime

The benefit of the study:
According to late Chinese doctors, if you suffer from a disease, you will have a long life. Knowing the division of our energy we got at our birth, we will be able to manage the lack of energy with the help of flavours,

odours, meals, cardinal points, sea
-sons, sound, coldness, warmth, colours, acupuncture, herbal extracts etc.

The causes of chronic diseases are shown by the reduced numbers on the field of:
-  mission in life
-  channels – meridians
the Five elements and on the level of motion
Yin or Yang side
the right or left body side
the motion of energy within the organism: In – Through – Out
triple heater: lower – middle – upper level
-  coordination nervous system, autonomic nervous system, upper-nerve potential

   Click on the numerical value and you will get a help from the explanations of the database in order to provide a better health condition and life.
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