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Analysis of a person (01.01.2006)
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The correction of the coordination nervous system, the autonomic nervous system and the upper-nerve potential can be set in the case of a left-handed person.
 - own cycle of a person
 -  the causes of stress
Qi motions of a person during seasons:
 - the Five elements and tempe-raments
 - trace element and the analyse of it
 - the six Qi
 - pathology
 - Yang-Yin types
 - ten organs
 - physical characteristics
 - intellectual characteristics
 - psychological characteristics
Qi cycle:
  - Hungarian – Chinese naming of the channel
 - chakra
 - channel union
 - channel exhaustion
 - the process of the channel
 - function
 - functional disorder
- symptom
Acupuncture points:

 - Hungarian–Chinese naming of the channel
 - element
 - chakra
 - meeting place
 - place of the channel
 - function
 - channel relation
 - effect
 - symptom

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