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    It’s a great pleasure for me to introduce my work to the public. I collected all the knowledge about typology I acquired during the years. I am interested in the function of human body and the curing of diseases since a very young age. I felt instinctively the harmony of nature which amused me from the very beginning. On the other hand I wasn’t able to see the causes and connections behind the occurrence of space and time without the appropriate knowledge. It was essential for me to be trained in order to getting on a higher level of knowledge.
    I had the opportunity to learn at the Mantra Alternative Scientific Collage at Budapest in 1995-1998. I took a degree in parapsychology. During my studies I was keenly interested in the lessons of Professor Artúr Zsaskov.
He was the one who suggested that learning acupuncture helps to use nature typology on a higher level. On his advice I was studying traditional Chinese medicine at Paul Völgyesi in 2000-2003. In the year of 2003
I graduated as a homeopathist (ear acupuncturist-addictologist) at the Sanitary and Training Institution at Budapest.
    During my studies I got to know the language of symbols, the system of signs. I also realized the similarities of symbols between different religions. The formation of stars has its own importance in culture and art. The six-pointed star, the symbol of Wisdom, is a great example of it. It appears in the Hebrew sign system, the Hindi heart chakra and in the traditional Chinese medicine.

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